Future Oil & Gas

1-2 Dec 2020

Anu Hanish Nithin

Position: KTP Associate, Optimal

Anu Hanish Nithin is an employee of University of Aberdeen seconded to Optimal as the KTP Associate and has a BEng degree in Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences and an MSc in Safety and Reliability Engineering, she is currently working towards her PhD in Structural Engineering. Anu has accrued over 5 years of experience working as a Risk Analyst in an Oil and Gas consultancy company, before embarking into the academia. Through Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects, she aims to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry and to incorporate the best of both worlds through implementation of new technologies and validating it in accordance with the market requirements. She is currently looking to develop an innovative and holistic tool for asset maintenance management in the Oil and Gas sector incorporating the fourth generation of maintenance principles involving reliability modelling.